Observation 9546988: Astrocast 0.1 (43798)

Regarding Observation 9546988

Can I extract a .kss file from this observation without using the soundmodem??

What is the file “data_9546988_2024-05-17T12-23-43_g0” that is available in the “data” tab in the observation used for??

You are lucky.
You may directly save the mentioned file and add c000 at the front and c0 at the end using a hex editor. This will make a .kss file out of it.

If the file (already) consisted of C0 or DB, you had to replace it by DBDC or DBDD according to KISS protocol.


Thanks for the tip !!!

Normally I can use the SoundModem with the audio generated by observation on SatNOGS but this time it’s not working

I’m still learning about satellite protocols and how to identify the protocol used by the satellite and decode it.

(I have no idea how to do this heheheheheheheh)


Astrocast cannot be decoded by SoundModem, the 1k2 is in FSK not AFSK.

But gr_satellites can do it and its documentation holds a list of decodable satellites and its protocols.