Observation 945501: LightSail-2 (44420)

Regarding Observation 945501

Are there no more LightSail-2 observations scheduled? I have been monitoring its telemetry for progress since it was deployed and greatly appreciate the availability of the observations. I expect the satellite will be active for at least another month as it hasn’t reached its maximum orbit yet (and is not expected to completely drop out of orbit for another year).

I am new to this and looked into scheduling the observations myself but it seems you need a ground station (maybe someday).


Indeed, you need your own ground station to be able to schedule observations on other stations. With the holiday season it is likely the users which regularly schedule observations may not be around.

I scheduled a few observations over the following 24 hours.

I scheduled a few over the coming days, as well. My station (187) is very poor for decoding UHF sats, however. I do plan on installing an LNA soon, however.

Thanks guys.

I have been looking into a ground station. Looks like an omnidirectional (QFH looks like the best but potentially tricky) with an LNA is the way to go. We’ll see.

I looks like Fredy Damkalis is back in the game and schedule a bunch more.

Thanks again.

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