Observation 9412994: ROM-3 (98996)

Regarding Observation 9412994

For several months I tried to receive signals from the ROM-3, but without success. I noticed that I couldnt find any solid reception on the SATNOGS network. Is it possible that the signals in the adjacent observation come from ROM-3?
Cristian Moldovanu - YO4DFT

I forgot something, yesterday I received the same type of signal, but I said is a “bad” signal.

Observation #9412993

Cristian - YO4DFT

Given that the TLE set is updated, the singal definitely isn’t from the satellite.

It is either terrestrial or another satellite. I can take a look in the next couple of days to check with ikhnos if it is another satellite.

I appreciate the effort. As I said, the same shape of the signal caught my attention, following 2 different receptions.

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With a quick look with ikhnos I didn’t spot any of the known satellites that could be it. Let’s keep watching and find out what’s the case. If you see more observations like that please add them in a post here.

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The frequency it seems to be allocated only to ROM-2, ROM-3 and Sano Sat-1 *re-entered).
I checked again, including last reception ( Observation #9424047). It seems is an unwanted radiation from my ground station (old model rtl sdr).
At the end of waterfall the signal level have to decrease, as the satellite disappear. On the waterfall the level is constant.
Thank you for support, but dont waste time, it seems is a technical issue.

Cristian - YO4DFT

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Usually I’m looking 50-100KHz up and down from the centered frequencies just to be sure that I don’t miss something. :slight_smile:

Good to know you found the source! To be honest is interesting the fact that in 9412993 it doesn’t seem to follow, at the beginning, the classic terrestrial noise curve. This is why I was interested to investigate it more. :slight_smile:

Very good point that I didn’t have in mind!