Observation 9306643: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 9306643
Hi All,
Upon observing the waterfall , I have noticed lines of interference ,
This is particularly bad around the 144MHz band , I am aware that the source of the problem is a nearby WIFI station (owned by myself). It is my intention to to remedy this interference at some point in the near future , I can only apologise for the annoying traces on an otherwise good waterfall.

Some options to check:

  • Check usb performance, also look at the satnogs logs to see if you have samples being dropped.
  • If this is a Pi, please check the DC power supply if it is up to the job, undervoltage messages in the message logs.
  • This doesn’t seem to be Wifi problems, but it could be you have ethernet RFI and or a monitor nearby.
  • Add some ferrite cores around the usb cables (example down this page)


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