Observation 8753409: Astrocast 0.1 (43798)

Regarding Observation 8753409

i am wondering why i cannot see any demoded data. Could someone give me a tip what could be the reason?

I think, based on the search results that this is only via gr-satellites demod.
the data frames named _g* is from my implementation of that.

I’ve installed gr_satellites few days ago and it is working for EIRSAT-1:


Maybe i missed something that it is working also for Astrocast ?

It should work for this sat, the absolute snr needed I am not sure about. The frequency is off by perhaps 1-2kHz and that will not help, 1ppm at 435MHz is 435Hz so 2-4 ppm off or so ?

Thanks for the qso’s and 73 (:

Thanks for the qso’s as well (:

I have waited a couple of days because last week all passes had a low elevation… but also the one from yesterday shows no data, so i guess something is still missing.
Could you explain me the purpose of this line:

SELECTED="39444 44830 43803 42017 44832 40074"

Do i have to add the NORAD ID of all the satellites i’d like to decode with gr_satellites?
So, in case of Astrocast 0.1, shall i add 43798 ?

That line selects a list of norad id’s to run gr-satellites on. It was a decision made back in the day when I was developing this and considered the duplicated frames when both the flowgraph and gr-satellites was producing results. I have since regarded that as a minor problem as they often capture different frames in poor signal conditions so rather complement each other.
Not setting it means that all supported satellites will be running.

The first version was running on the ansible client and access to edit this file was easy, however moving to docker made the env variables a better choice as this is very easy to manage there. That is why the local variable is SELECTED and the env is GRSAT_SELECTED as to differentiate it from the others in a env file.

Do note that this repo is going to be deprecated, it is working but I am not going to do much active development on it. It is being replaced by this implementation in my addons.

Okay got it - thank you very much for your detailed explanation :+1: