Observation 8652739: EIRSAT-1 (99320)

Regarding Observation 8652739

Hi all,

The observation has a strong signal but does not show any data. This is the same with multiple observations with strong signals from multiple stations. I noticed that only 2 or 3 stations have managed to display data for EIRSAT-1 ( 99320 ). Is there some further configuration required to display the data?

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, it is supported by gr_satellites. See GitHub - kng/satnogs_gr-satellites: First try on combining gr-satellites with the satnogs-client and satnogs-flowgraphs for installation instructions to add it to your Satnogs station.

In Satnogs, this satellite is using a tle with Norad 58472, and that number needs to be put in the Eirsat-1.yml file. Restart your station because the norad id’s are cached in /tmp/.satnogs/ This Norad number might change in the future, as the identification is not definite.

You need to change the file EIRSAT-1.yml in the directory /usr/local/lib/python3/dist-packages/satellites/satyaml (or something similar where gr-satellites installed it). Just change the second line to norad: 58472 and then it will work! You can also add this number to /tmp/.satnogs/grsat_list.txt and increase the number in grsat_list.ver, but i’m not sure if it is really needed.

Many thanks for the replies and the help. Adding gr_satellites as mentioned by @EelkeVisser and changing the EIRSAT-1.yml file worked for me and I am now receiving data from EIRSAT-1.


You don’t have to restart, just removing /tmp/.satnogs/grsat_list.* is enough.

Hmm, is this still the case for Eirsat-1? I got the LNA’s powered on waltonsetu station on Friday but while it appears we now have some reasonably strong frames, I’m not seeing any decodes as of yet.

Edit: The answer is yes. Hopefully I’ve got everything installed ok. A different question. Is it possible for me to manually process any of the previously received dataframes somehow?

The solution for me was to install and configure gr_satellites https://github.com/kng/satnogs_gr-satellites/blob/main/INSTALL.md and to change to the file EIRSAT-1.yml in the directory /usr/local/lib/python3/dist-packages/satellites/satyaml to norad: 58472

Yeap… tnx… waiting on the next pass now.

Replying to myself. Thanks @EelkeVisser, and @davemcm, the station seems to be decoding data now. Is there software available anywhere to display the telemetry in the received frames?

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