Observation 858198: NOAA 15 (25338)

Regarding Observation 858198

Seems NOAA 15 is having image generation problems again. Possibly the filter motor stalling again like last time it did stuff like this.

Trying to learn vetting. How is this vetted as good when it’s bad? There is an obvious problem/fault.

The network will vet any observation that automatically returns data as good. The APT decoder always generates an output data image, even when it contains just noise, so all APT observations will be good observations. This is an issue with this decoder that is known.

Well just because there is a problem or fault with the satellite does not make the observation bad. It’s still a good one.

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In this observation the signal is visible in the waterfall, so we vet it as good. Vetting doesn’t show if the transmitter works properly but if there is any sign of it, for example a carrier.

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https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/data/messages/2019/MSG2041634.html is at failure information.

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