Observation 836583: SpooQy-1 (44332)

Regarding Observation 836583 …

SpooQy-1 easily demodulated in NFM with gr-satellites ~/src/gr-satellites/apps$ ./spooqy_1.py

Packet number 28

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Try to improve gr-satnogs :wink:
There are some known issues and each contributor more makes work less…

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No luck demodulating this tho: SatNOGS Network - Observation 1105256
Looks different too - Spooqy-1 change encoding?


Strong signal but nothing in gr-satellites spooqy_1.py

Ok saw some twitter about Spooqy-1 using 4k8 so make a really wild stab in the dark and changed the MM Clock Recovery Omega from β€˜5’ --> to β€˜10’ and it’s working.
omega : Initial estimate of samples per symbol
18 packets from above obs.

Just curious why some gr-satellite apps like Zhou Enlai have Telemetry Forwarder, while others like SpooQy-1 take latitude, longitude, callsign and recstart but do not have Telemetry Forwarder?

D’oh! Answered my own question - looks like typo in gr-satellites tlm fwd for facsat-1 has 43722 43722 - Centauri-2 instead of 43721 - FACSAT 1

Also why do some like 43721 - FACSAT 1 https://db.satnogs.org/satellite/43721/ do not register telemetry ? Script is running, Telemetry Forwarder is enabled, tcpdump shows packets being sent to satellites.submit(β€˜https://db.satnogs.org/api/telemetry/’, 43722, callsign, longitude, latitude, recstart) – yet last entry is:

Latest frame submitted on 2019-10-11 04:58:31 by AD7NP-CN87vp

Just a few words about SpooQy-1: Quantum entanglement first time demonstrated on tiny CubeSat in orbit

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