Observation 802992: MOVE-IIb (99801)


Never seen that signal in the upper right corner b4. Is that MoveIIb?

The polar plot looks different.

73 Oliver

Regarding Observation 802992

It dosent seems to be the usual signal from Move IIB.
You have strong noise on your observation.
Maybe it would be great to do a frequency calibration of your stick. (I didnt saw ppm in meta)

Hi @jujun!

Ok. PPM error is 0 here. I have good decodes on other TLMs.

Noise is from a pasture fence in the neighbor hood.

73 Oliver

One more example of changed TLE and wrong time window. It was my bad that I changed the TLEs but didn’t rescheduled the observations. Sorry about that!

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No problem. U are busy. Maybe i’ ll join to help later. Is my second week here :grinning:

73 Oliver

I mean it wood be better to have footprints of waterfall signals, than having pictures of the sat himself.

There was a recent discussion about it in matrix/irc channel. As far as I know there is this site that can give you a general idea what to expect. However sometimes satellites have their own special signal signature… so maybe we can add this as a transmitter image field.

Please open an issue in SatNOGS DB repository, so we can further discuss it.

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Ok, many tnx @fredy will do that. Thanks for your information.

73 Oliver