Observation 7843739: Transporter 8 Satellite F (99078)

Regarding Observation 7843739
@fredy I am new to vetting signals. This is one that you are watching. I looked it up and this satellite was recently launched a month ago on Transporter 8 and the signal I am seeing could very well be from one of the other 71 satellites in the same deployment OR the TLE could be off since it is a new launch. How do I mark it? With signal or without? Thanks.

@joedubois good question!

Short answer:

Unfortunately this isn’t signal from the satellite, this is probably local noise.

Long Answer:

As a new and unidentified satellite indeed we expect the TLE not to be accurate and we expect some curves in the waterfall. However given that we are near the object the curve shouldn’t look like it.

Another clue that this isn’t the satellite is that we expect different kind of signal, if you click on the satellite name and click to show only good observations you will see what we expect as signal from this satellite.

By the way there is an open issue to store and show sample of its satellite signal to make vetting easier, when it is implemented indeed will make things easier.

Finally I wouldn’t expect to be another satellite, from this or other launch, the type of signal (like a carrier) and the power of it doesn’t remind a satellite signal.

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