Observation 7542384: SHERPA-AC1 (52763)

Regarding Observation 7542384

I believe that this satellite’s frequency is actually 400.500 based on an STRF scan I took that revealed that the two frequencies in the DB are actually just the edges of the data centered on 400.500

I am making this post to use as citation for an frequency change suggestion.


Thank you @fredy for approving the change and also scheduling some more to check it.

One of the Obs you scheduled captured the signal nicely.
SatNOGS Network - Observation 7548541

very nice (:
I also suggest changing the transmitter to the fsk flowgraph and setting a baud so the obs gets a bit wider.
Is it known what modulation it has ?

According to the ITU filing the 400.5Mhz downlink has a designed Emission Type of 40K0F1DBN
Not sure if that helps at all.