Observation 744182: MOVE-II (43780)

Regarding Observation 744182
Two Questions:

  1. Was that one vetted automatically? I didn’t do that
  2. Why isn’t it a straight line like always?

I suspect someone jumped in and vetted it. The MOVE-II signal is actually the CW signal right down the centre of the waterfall. The other BPSK1k2 signal (you learn to recognise this stuff after a while :wink: ) is from another satellite.


You can always check who and when vetted an observation by placing the mouse over the vetting tag.


The straight signal in the middle is the satellite in question. The “bent” signal on the left is (I believe) one of the Funcubes?


Indeed! It was 42017 - NAYIF-1. Observation 744315 confirms it too. You can see the curved signal of MOVE-II on it.

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