Observation 741682: ITASAT 1 (43786) / failed due to ground station problem


Regarding Observation 741682
my ground station lost wifi, long day at work unable to fix. I have a number of observations with no waterfall or audio, do I mark them all as failed? any way to delete these observations ?? Back online but no waterfall or audio again … Put it off line until figure this out



You should mark these as failed. Except if there is a special reason, there isn’t a way to delete those observations, check the related discussion about this matter.


Thanks Fredy, had read that post already, so thought failed was the way to go.
Have taken it off line to have a look at it over the weekend, will mark them all as failed where no waterfall or audio is available.
Will get it back up and running in test and come back on line once its working again



Getting waterfall now but no audio since system reboot any ideas anyone ?



From the last observations I see on your station the problem seems to be solved. Any idea what was the cause?


Hi Fredy
unplugged sdr, rebooted and left for 30 mins, next pass worked. Maybe wifi issues as i have an adsb set up right next to it and this keeps loosing network signal, email saying not on network, reboot this and all ok