Observation 740952: METEOR-M 2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 740952

Is that strong line in the middle from the sat or terrestial?

That line is not the satellite. This is a “good” observation though since it is LRPT and the “raised noise” you see in the middle of the observation is in fact the LRPT transmission. (you cannot clearly identify it since it is larger than the bandwidth we sample)

Has anyone worked out how to decode this one? I have done it in the past but it was a pain. from memory the resolution was better than my best APT NOAA picture.

There are some instructions on setting up the flowgraph and decoder here Meteor MN2 decoder for rpi 3B+ - be sure to read the whole thread though.

The results can be pretty nice : https://network.satnogs.org/observations/735795/