Observation 7259931: NEXUS (43937)

Regarding Observation 7259931
Many of my UHF observations have a similar trace shape i.e: a gradual +ve increase in drift from the beginning of the pass to then returning gradually to zero drift. But many observations having a similar profile. However, some do not. Is it caused by a doppler effect or …? Just curious to know.

There was a gap for TLE sets for ~24h, so this was the main issue.

But it’s been occurring for many weeks, hence my query. Any further thoughts please?

Then this is an issue with the station. There are two reasons:

  1. The time on the station isn’t synced.
  2. The location set for the station is wrong.

Check the " Observations seem off-frequency?" section on the troubleshooting guide:


Thanks Fredy, you are quite correct. My ntpd was failing to synchronise.
I was having a dumb day - why didn’t I think of that?
All fixed now.
73 Roger M0ROJ

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