Observation 725826: XW-2D (40907)

Regarding Observation 725826

Just noticed a recent change in XW-2D - looks like last “normal” obs was https://network.satnogs.org/observations/714088/

looks like this behavior started between 714301 and 712769

This has been discussed on the AMSAT mailing list for a few days. One person suggested that the satellite was placed into “meteor scatter test mode”, but I’m unsure if that was serious or just a joke (I’m not familiar with the workings of meteor scatter).


If it has gone the way of 2E, the list of linear sats shows 10 that might go up this year - could be exciting. https://www.amsat.org/linear-satellite-frequency-summary/

2E still works granted you need to be careful not to make it drop out. (I think. Haven’t tried it’s linear but the CW beacons seems power related.)