Observation 7254381: SAUDISAT 1C (27607)

Regarding Observation 7254381

Hello dear OPs.

The SO-50 seems to have much less power on TX since a few days. Can someone confirm?

de Marco

I will say SO-50 only transmits with 250mW so its not very loud to start with.

Hey @DO7OO and welcome!

As you have an online station, I suggest you schedule on your station and on others stations the satellite to monitor and track its performance.

You can easily do that using the New Observation page.

Thank you. But my question was: ‘Can someone [else] confirm?’

As fredy said, you can confirm this as well. Here’s two recent obs from my station, and I think it looks pretty much the same as earlier obs. 7245124 7204692.
This is more recent but I don’t know that stations performance so cannot tell good/worse 7266774.
I have scheduled a few passes on my station, they’ll be ready tomorrow.