Observation 7016505: QBUA01 (99215)

Regarding Observation 7016505

Probably an incorrect decode, maybe @UX5UL can comment?

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@vzlu_team, that’s an erroneous decode.
At the moment, the development team is trying to “revive” the satellite …

Hi everyone!
Just to clarify with regards to QBUA01 (POLYITAN-HP-30)
There are some “green” observations recorded in the database but used TLE is incorrect, seems it messed up with EOS AGRISAT-1 (70382) but correct one shall be 70324.

@Andrii is there any updated TLE set that we can use or we should still use the 70324 one by Celestrak?

Also was there any communication with the satellite?

Dear @fredy at the moment we use only this one (70324)
Tomorrow we expect Space-track.org to add 65 more catalogued objects related to transponder-6 launch into database. Now only 30 are available right now (55009-55038) but identification is still a challenge :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no any known communication with the satellite.
Team is still trying to do something with it…
Thank you for your support with observations!
Kind regards.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ve fixed the issue we had with the TLEs. It was actually an issue of the temporary NORAD IDs that we used in DB. To solve it I’ve changed the temporary NORAD ID to 99203.

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