Observation 6897126: METEOR M-2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 6897126

Why do these S-band obs get vetted as Failed while there is clearly data received in te waterfall ? I happen to have a bunch of them since a day or 2 ?


I’d say discrepancy between the waterfall length (~900s) and audio length (769s).
some possibilities from experience, the samp_rate=‘6e6’ is too high for pluto, it’s the poor iio implementation, 4e6 would be safer bet. you will not get any warnings from this iirc.
the other possibility is cpu load, but the flowgraphs have been pretty good at managing this in the past.
try lowering the samp_rate and see if it starts to behave, monitor the load with htop.


Speculation on my part… it may be due the audio artifact bein 12m49s in duration vs the scheduled observation time (~15 minutes) that led to the automated rating of ‘failed’.


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Hi, you both might be right cause that’s a setting I changed a few days ago, sr to 6e6 to get rid of some other error that an observation requires more as the available bandwidth.

I will lower the sr to 4e6

Thanks both,


now at 4e6 it looks like the audio and wf is the same length. :+1:

There is no proper signal in the waterfall

That’s not the right conclusion :slight_smile: At about 12 kHz you can clearly see the signal.

Ahhh I thought it was doppler corrected. My bad.

I’m also used to receiving M2 on L band with a dish so I expected a full fledged HRPT signal as well :slight_smile:

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