Observation 6826333: SelfieSat (53951)

Regarding Observation 6826333

How can I download the demoded data here?

db.satnogs.org, but you need an account.

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@PE0SAT How? I am signed in but I can’t download

Hmm, the only thing I can think of, the satellite is using a non IARU coordinated frequency and therefor the information isn’t available.

I had a look at GRIFEX and there the download option was available.

Indeed due to IARU uncoordinated frequency we don’t allow massive extraction of their data. @jupitersaturn09 check this thread about that matter and let me know if you have any questions.

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Well I’d still really like access to the data to attempt to reverse it. Given that this observation is the only one we have capturing the image dump it is necessary to get data from this one. How can I do this?

Either way, thank you so much for clearing it up.

From this one you can get data through Network API, follow this link.

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Haha thank you so much!!

I wrote a python web scraper =D