Observation 6627477: FALCONSAT 3 (30776)

Regarding Observation 6627477

I see the signal in the waterfall, but the audio seems to be too strong and probably distorted. I didn’t get and telemetry decode…

Using RTL/RPi - would the gain being to hi cause this issue? Before I moved the gain to 30, I didn’t see any signals in the waterfall…

Dave - kb7ky

Hi Dave,

The gain in the waterfall looks a little on the low side to me and is the most likely reason no frames decoded. Here’s an example FALCONSAT 3 observation which shows strong signal in the middle and subsequently where most of the frames were decoded. Not so much at the beginning or end where the signal is present and appears reasonably strong. This is a 10-element yagi with an LNA on a rotator (but looking through trees to my south)

Also keep in mind that FALCONSAT 3 does not always transmit, or perhaps less frequently that it used to. I’ve gone days w/o seeing any signal from it, then it suddenly comes alive.

thanks for the info - I’ll bump up the gain a bit and try again.

Also, thanks for the info about silent passes… :frowning: