Observation 6564086: CYCLOPS (53373)

Regarding Observation 6564086
Greetings SatNOGS community.Many thanks for making such an advanced system for spacecraft telemetry gathering.
As for frequency misuse I am only a layperson so know about imposed sanctions and problems with spacecraft launched after sanctions are registered in country’s register and information passed to UN.

As for technical point of view there is only 1 transmitter using 436.050M FSK G3RUH 2400 bps , also suggested information is recommended to post on satellites webpage.
Currently I am trying to transmit data to satellite with no luck both using soundmodem and GNURadio with hackrf.
Is it possible to find an example flowgraph for GNURadio that will be able to transmit with AX. 25 KISS frames with G3RUH scrambling?

Preamble and other channel parameters are unknown and not will be known in observable time .

I know that hs_soundmodem perfectly serves for such transmission , but TX control from it of Sdr is difficult and unstable .