Observation 6560459: RamSat (48850)

Regarding Observation 6560459 … Wondering: looking at the signal at 130 seconds, the proper signal around 0kHz had a “mirror” fake signal at -20kHz. Is it related to and triggered by the real signal? Can it then be that in some cases real signal produces solid bright lines across the whole -20 - +20kHz (possibly more) range?

Hi, N1ESK here. I’m the ground station operator for RamSat. I’ve reviewed thousands of RamSat waterfalls; this appears to be some sort of aberration in your receive train, not from RamSat itself. BTW, RamSat is making re-entry, so we’d greatly appreciate your efforts to capture as much of the telemetry in the next week. De-orbit is slated within the week, so the last telemetry signals are very important to us. Many thanks, David Andrews

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Hi, thanks for the explanation! As for your request - I think here virtually nobody will see it. It would make more sense for you to either start a new conversation here or (better yet) go to the Libre Space matrix space at https://app.element.io/#/room/#librespace:matrix.org and post in the SatNOGS channel there, or even do both!

RamSat to de-orbit by October 14th - request for telemetry captures there is already one :slight_smile:

+1 on having a request either in the librespace channel on matrix or also in satnogs channel too.