Observation 644412: XW-2E (40909)

Regarding Observation 644412

I have never observed SSB from these birds. I see SSB all the time when I am capturing for CW. SSB is over to the right but it cant be heard from your audio because your passband is in the center of the captured signal. Okay cool…

Then I select SSB for a pass I want to observe and I still dont get SSB, like this one. I heard the CW but sounds like the mode is in FM. I know someone on SSB might not be dead on frequency as there is a range in frequency but I dont even get that.

The signal to the left is the CW beacon. It sounds odd lately because of power issues with the say.

I don’t see any SSB here.

Yes I dont see SSB here either but like this is pass https://network.satnogs.org/observations/654727/

You see it…maybe I have bad luck and every time I try theres no one talking. I will keep trying.

AFAIK there is no SSB demodulator in gr-satnogs so the receiver will default to FM.


Copy, I noticed that today too when I looked at the settings.py more carefully.