Observation 6362466: CUAVA-1 (49275)

Regarding Observation 6362466

Hi Fredy, it looks as though you tried to detect CUAVA-1 simultaneously with a set of observing stations. which is a neat idea. As the CUAVA-1 principal, I’m obviously interested in the results.

What is your interpretation of your set of results? It looks to me as though only the PARSEC station saw something you were happy with (the spacing between the 2 signals is close to 30 s, which is CUAVA-1’s beacon cadence) and that was only when the satellite was low in the East. Are the other stations close enough to PASRSEC that they should have seen the same signal at the same time.

I note that CUAVA-1’s orbit seems to have started changing rapidly about 22 August, with re-entry on 2 September (!), so perhaps the TLEs used were not too accurate (depending on when you updated them) and might have changed the time of maximum elevation (but would that have been by 3 minutes or so?).

Another question is whether you were able to decode the 2 PARSEC signals?

I’ll look forward to hearing from you … although clearly there is little evidence so far that CUAVA-1 is emitting detectable signals, so I won’t get my hopes up too much.

Best wishes,

Iver (Cairns).

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To be honest I didn’t aim to analyze something specific, I’ve just noticed that the satellite was near its re-entry and I decided to add some observations to get some last data from the satellite.

Unfortunately I currently don’t have any time to analyze any of these observations, but the data are there for anyone to use them (always by respecting their license).