Observation 6353377: BDSat (52175)

Hi guys,

Regarding Observation 6353377 I’ve noticed it’s marked as “good” even though there doesn’t seem to be any clear signs in the waterfall for it to contain any satellite signal. There are horizontal equally spaced “lines” during the first few minutes, but to me that doesn’t look like GFSK 9600bps. This could be the result of a saturated LNA input due to a high power off-band local signal.
Is there a way to download the IQ data to do a more detailed analysis?



Indeed there isn’t any signal on this observation. I’ve re-vetted it as bad.


Thanks Fredy!

Is there a way to download IQ samples from a pass? That would be great, so that one can analyse the data using any demodulation or method of preference.

IQ data are not saved by default, so the answer is no. However there are some stations that save and upload to 3rd party services the IQ data from their observations.

The issue with saving the IQ data is the big volume of them and the storage. Currently we don’t have a solution for this but we will see in the future.

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