Observation 631905: ESEO (FunCube 4) (43792)

Regarding Observation 631905

good bad fail ?

404 error. Option 4: ignore?

hm… it looks like observation was deleted.

I took a look of it yesterday but forgot to post here. It should be vetted as good, as there was clear visible straight signal in the middle of the waterfall, even if there was also noise from other satellite(?) near the frequency.

why suspend the account for asking this question , the data must be bad so it was deleted.

can you add a genuine i don’t know and it needs pier review, even if its just moving the observation to a mod or trusted observer ?

Your account suspension was a false alarm from the automatic algorithm that discourse uses, it doesn’t have anything to do with your post/question. One of the mods have removed the suspension, so it should be ok now.

About the observation, as I said it had signal from the satellite, so it was good. But even if it was bad or failed, there is no reason for deleting it, as every observation with whatever status offers useful information.

There is no reason for moving observation to someone, what you did (opening a discussion here) is enough for people to see and help with vetting when there are doubts.

By the way, there is an open discussion about vetting that you might find it interesting.

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