Observation 63044: SIGMA (99938)

Regarding Observation 63044

We think that the TLEs, supplied from PSLV, is not correct for us till NORAD updated it. We are trying to look for SIGMA cubesat with other now.

Anyway, Thank you in advance to try to get beacon.

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Hey @JungKyu,

Please let us know the new TLEs you have and we will update them in our network in order to keep looking for SIGMA.

Thank you for reply. When it will uploaded i will let you know. BTW, we are still hearing the beacon every orbit in Korea. :slight_smile:

Glad to know that you still hearing the beacon! Do you use the initial TLEs or newer ones for getting the beacon?

EDIT: oops I’ve just seen in the other thread that you already mention what I ask bellow

[details=Summary]Can you also please confirm the data we have in our DB for SIGMA:

Mode: BPSK9k6
Baud: 9600
Downlink: 435.780 MHz

It was also useful for us to know how often this beacon is transmitted.

If you have any link to a page or a document for all these details, please let us know.[/details]

oops I’m sorry, I understood your message the wrong way. I thought that by hearing you mean that you get the beacon… not that you are watching for it. We will continue hearing too and we will let you know if we get something.

As the initial tle are getting too old wondering if we should move to tle from another satellite that was close to yours during deployment.