Observation 6159141: RANDEV (52898)

Regarding Observation 6159141

Hello everyone!

I’m a South Korean who is a Ph.D candidate in KAIST.
Our laboratory has launched a cubesat called RANDEV on 1st, July.
Until now, we did success to receive downlink data from RANDEV, so we are trying to send an uplink command which asks RANDEV cubesat to transmit stored images in OBC.
During this contact period, we sent maybe 5~7 uplink commands (Each command asks RANDEV cubesat to sent images 10 times at once).
The pattern of waterfall(#6159141) is totally different from the ones which have been received so far.
So, we want to decode this waterfall and check whether there are images data included as well as the beacon signals.
Could you please help us to decode this waterfall?
Many thanks to you in advance!

Any information on how to demodulate and decoding the image signal?

There’s a lot of local interference in this observation. The strong signals appearing from the left of the waterfall are the local interference signals. There does appear to be some signal from the satellite present, but not long downlinks that would be image information.