Observation 6117989: E-ST@R-II (41459)

Regarding Observation 6117989 … I would normally say that those 3 dots in the beginning of the capture are from the sat, but they’re pretty low over the horizon in the NE direction, which is mostly blocked for me… Looks like a “no data” to me?

E-ST@R-II has a failed antenna deployment so you need an very big antenna array to receive signals from this satellites.

I now there are a couple of EME systems that where used to receive data from E-ST@R-II, one of them was the 25 meter dish in The Netherlands.

I hope this is useful

oh, thanks! Re-labeled as “no data.” It would be really great to have all that knowledge about individual sats somewhere…

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Once upon a time I put together this which shows an example waterfall for various transmitter modes.


It would be nice, as you mention, to have something similar for each satellite. So you could go to db.satnogs.org, look at a particular satellite, and see a good example observeration.