Observation 6084237: NOAA 19 (33591)

Regarding Observation 6084237
I would welcome comments as to why there was no decode and what are the two parrallel lines to the right of the signal trace?
Thanks in advance.

The two lines look like terrestrial signal, it could be also just noise.

The decoding depends on the SNR, given that NOAA transmit powerful signal, probably it has to do with the “noisy” environment. My suggestion is you try lower a little your gain, this may help to lower the noise floor and get better SNR, but it is guess and it needs experiment to find the best gain.

Thanks @fredy - I’ve varied the gain and found differing ‘sweet spots’ dependent up which satellite, but still many blanks.
I’ve also tweeked the antenna (turnstile) which has improved signals somewhat. But again, what’s good for some is not good for others, and pass-direction dependent.
Cheers for now.

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