Observation 596026: SIMPL (42983)

Regarding Observation 596026
as well as:

I check to see if Qikcom has come alive every few months, and noticed these four observations over the last day or so (two are essentially the same exact pass, however). Could these be Qikcom, or are they some other 145.825 digi?


As the digital signal looks like it’s moving with the other interference i don’t think it’s from that sat.

That’s the first thing I look for, and from what I can tell, these signals do NOT move with the interference. In fact, in at least two, the signals move in opposite directions. I’m thinking that at worst, this is simply a serendipitous flyby of Aisat/NO-84/Birds-2.

Just weird that I see it in 3 separate observations.

Also one of the three extra linked have nothing but external noise.

SIMPL, since 2019-04-14 started having common footprint with ISS orbit and it’s expected (if the TLEs doesn’t change dramatically) to stop having common footprint on 2019-04-18.

So, what you see is almost 100% sure that is ISS APRS repeater.

By the way, I have seen cases where two satellites with the same or few kHz different frequency were met, this happened for a couple of observations before it stopped. But in this case, as SIMPL was deployed from ISS, it looks like they have exactly the same orbit and definitely have a common footprint.

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Fredy - thanks - that’s what I suspected (I think I may have brought up this exact scenario some time ago, as well - Maybe the third time will be the charm).


And here’s the proof: