Observation 5896385: GRIFEX (40379)

Regarding Observation 5896385
Good signal throughout most of the pass but no data!
Any thoughts please?

@m0roj Looking at some of your other GRIFEX observations with valid frames, in particular this one, it appears your SNR in your recent observation 5896385 is quite a bit lower by comparison . Did you change out a SDR, LNA, cable recently? Is your LNA getting proper DC voltage?

Your station description lists both an Airspy R2 and V3 blog, not sure which you a re using for UHF. but I struggled with getting the gain settings dialed-in with my Airspy R2 w/ SatNOGS. There was signal but decoded frames where few and far between. With the guidance of @PE0SAT, I settled on a decent set of gain parameters.

Scott (MAUSyagi)

Thanks for your response, Scott.
I am using an Airspy R2 at present for the UHF observations and I’ve made no changes to my physical setup since last December (when I had to stop due to Covid). However, I’ll change the LNA and re-check my SatNOGS setup. But I would be interested to know what set of parameters you found to work with your Airspy R2, please?
Roj (M0ROJ)

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Have a look at https://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/download/SatNOGS/compare/ there I also share data regarding my AirSPY mini.