Observation 5807148: MIR-SAT1 (48868)

Regarding Observation 5807148

Hello, could anyone explain me what has happened with this ?

There was a full pass over my location, but TLEs have changed very fast due to decay of the Satellite. Anyway, i am wondering why the Polar Plot shows only a part of the full pass. The Observation began when the satellite almost passed over me.

The Observation should start about 10 minutes earlier. Why didn’t this happen?

73 Manuel

In order to avoid collisions between scheduled observations when the TLE set of a satellite is updated we keep the start and end time. In cases that the TLE set changes too fast then it ends up like that.

These cases usually include new satellite deployments, re-entries of satellites, orbit changes due to thruster or other systems. To avoid it I suggest you schedule such satellites in the near future only, usually 2 to 3 hours in the future is a good approach, also try to schedule the whole pass from 0 to max elevation and back to 0, this will increase your chances to receive the satellites if the TLE set has already changed but not updated.


Thanks for this… Always wondered why my avatar did a loop :joy:


Okay now it’s clear to me, thanks for the explanation and your suggestions to avoid it in the future!