Observation 5712539: INSPIRESat-1 (51657)

Regarding Observation 5712539


I have tried to do some jobs around 1 year, i tought was my deployed version on Ubuntu machine. But im using now a Raspi4 with hackrf and if it is not a solid purple, i will get a strange signal that looks as a DC Spike.

How can i calculate LO_OFFSET or what happen with my station. When i use my Yaesu G5500 have never got a good observation…


/************************* STATIC MODE
This is a result without Rotator:

YAESU G 5500 *************************
But when i try with it:

Always signal is moved to left and this is a HackRF One r1-r4

¿Somebody has an idea or some recommendations?
HAMLIB is 4.4 version

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@usergioarboleda do you have any observation with singal? It seems like the antenna isn’t connected properly with the SDR. The signal moves to left because it is terrestrial noise and follows the doppler correction of the satellite you scheduled.

Hey @fredy

Yes the first one got signal from a NOAA, but it was with a v dipole and looks like moved to left.

I got additional to this, two Cross Yagi UHF - VHF mounted over Yaesu rotor.

It is strange because i tried to analyze each one and as next image has the correct frecuency:

What could test related to this?

I would like to suggest to stop using the SatNOGS station for now, try some manual observation with GQRX or something similar.

This will give you real-time information about your setup.
Looking at the waterfall, my first thoughts:

  • SDR Sample rate is to high.
  • RF Gain isn’t set correct.

GRIFEX is an easy satellite to test, strong signals and straight decoding 9k6 AX.25 G3RUH.

After adjusting and getting some experience with your setup use that data and configure your SatNOGS ground station with that info.

I would also like to invite you to https://app.element.io/#/room/#satnogs:matrix.org, there are many people that can support you.

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