Observation 57: FUNCUBE-1 (AO-73) (39444)

Regarding Observation 57

I had written this pass off over lunch today… the elevation of my rotor wasn’t working (wire came loose) but yet I could hear some packets coming in off of the side of the beam. I was using a short 3el beam so I guess it was wide enough to work!

This pass was successfully decoded, albeit just 8 packets!

The funcube dashboard is windows only so you have to run something like VB-Audio Cable to create a sound pipe, play in VLC and output to the pipe while the dashboard listens to that pipe as its sound device.

With enough gnuradio help we can come up with ways of automating this for observations!



Just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully decode the packets using a virutal sound card for windows. That saves you the sound pipe and VLC:


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