Observation 5544433: EYESAT-1 (22825)

Regarding Observation 5544433

Are keplerian for eyesat correct?

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos

Yes they are and the last update was 16 hours ago when I checked.

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Thanks Jan, but is strange because recently I only received very few seconds at the end of some passes…

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos


Yes Jan, I know the status of the AO-27, but for me is strange, because in Satnogs I can only see very few seconds, and only in western passes. And you can see how the pass ends with still signal on the waterfall.
In my ham station (same location) i can listen for several minutes.

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos

Good morning Juan,

Can you connect the Ham station to SatNOGS and see if there is a difference?

How could I do it?

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos