Observation 5525782: DOSAAF-85 (44909)

Regarding Observation 5525782

I am looking-out for the CW Beacon, which I believe is the solid signal observable at around +8 KHz in the waterfall.
It is not decodable/audible to human ear due to the high offset?

Transmitter power 5 watts.
Beacon: 435.605 MHz - transmits the technology call sign (RS44).
Transponder inverse (SSB, CW):
Earth-to-space: 145.965 MHz +/-30 kHz.
Space-to-Earth: 435.640 MHz +/-30 kHz.
На спутнике DOSAAF-85 для тестирования был включен радиолюбительский ретранслятор | R4UAB