Observation 5420193: NEUTRON-1 (46923)

Regarding Observation 5420193

Strong pass but no decodes. Guess that the bandwidth fir observation needs to be increased to match Mode U - BPSK9K2
Will try to schedule this for next passes.

NEUTRON-1 deployed with a software bug that caused the beacons to be extremely rare and hard to catch. I think the satellite is rebooting or has a power issue. Here’s a couple observations of actual NEUTRON-1 beacons:
SatNOGS Network - Observation 4718577 (bottom of the waterfall in the middle)
SatNOGS Network - Observation 3186869 (around 390 seconds)
Unfortunately this is is not present in your waterfall.

ok - hm, wonder what this strong observed signal might be. I have only observed such signal on the scheduled Neuron passes and will now investigate further, if it could be local interference.
Thanks for the vetting, will correct my passes.


if you mean the signal at ~50 seconds, that is most likely local interference from a ham radio operator.