Observation 5410294: DIY 1 (47963)

Regarding Observation 5410294
Similar to previous passes - audio bandwith delivered from SatNOGS too narrow for decoding of the CW signal.

I made a new suggestion from the transmitter to to increase the BW.
If @fredy activate it, we will be able to test it soon.

@LW2DTZ I’ve accepted the suggestion about the CW. However I prefer to keep the true baudrate for FSK transmitter as we need to fix the gnuradio scripts and not adding false data in DB.

Alternatively we can activate again the FM transmitter and get better bandwidth from there. If that doesn’t work then I suggest we create an experimental transmitter that will have FSK and bigger baudrate and it will flagged in its description that it is experimental.

PS I’m going also to check late today the suggestions for the satellite info you have proposed, sorry for the delay.

@fredy I agree with a transmitter with a higher baud rate, 5000, to try.
I already made the suggestion.

The suggestion you made was about changing the current transmitter not creating a new experimental one. As I said we are not going to change the truth instead of fixing the bug with the bandwidth in the scripts.

As a workaround I’ve added a new experimental transmitter with FSK and 5000 baudrate, so you can use this for any experiments.

Please open an issue in Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / gr-satnogs · GitLab so eventually developers fix this bandwidth issue.

Thank @fredy for creating the experimental transmitter at 5000bd . I agree with your comment, and will do, as you suggest. I think it will help others with the same problem.
On the other hand, I propose to delete that experimental transmitter at 5000 bd since the results were negative. I suggested the creation of a new experimental transmitter in AFSK that would help according to the tests I was doing and until the underlying problem is resolved.