Observation 5409755: Grizu-263A (99488)

Regarding Observation 5409755

Although it is a good signal and the recording is clear, it is not possible to decode data. I guess the transmitter setting mode is not correct, I suggested a new transmitter for testing.

The mode is correct but there isn’t an implemented demodulator/flowgraph for the frames of this satellite in librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-flowgraphs · GitLab.

I understand that, but is that why the audio recording is “distorted” to what I hear on an FM receiver?

Probably the distortion comes from the compression process of the audio file.

Can you verify if the transmitter is set in this way ?


I’m not 100% sure about the bandwidth as it is derived from the bitrate in the script, all the other parameters are set like that.

As I said the problem of not seeing any demodulated data is that Grizu-263A uses custom framing which is not supported by the current flowgraphs.

From SatYAML files — gr-satellites 4.5.0-git documentation

Grizu-263A, custom framing used by Grizu-263A. It uses a Semtech SX1268 with a PN9 scrambler and CRC-16.

I think I explained myself wrong, the problem is not the decoding but how the audio is being recorded, without the proper BW. The “problem” with the script is that it automatically adjusts it based on the baud rate.