Observation 5404610: Bobcat-1 (46922)

Regarding Observation 5404610 …Somebody know s which ground stations are involved into the mission for the precise time transfer experiments. I assume they have to be within commin coverage to make this work?


I was the student lead for Bobcat-1.

Thanks for your interest in our mission, and for the excellent observation! Bobcat-1 collects data to its onboard flash memory when commanded, and only downlinks its data over the Ohio University ground station in Athens, Ohio, USA. Our station is also on the network for scheduling:

Currently we are downloading a large dataset that we collected a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, we have no way to command a downlink over Europe – definitely a feature for Bobcat-2 someday!

If you have any questions about Bobcat-1, please let me know or email the team: cubesat {at} listserv.ohio.edu


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