Observation 5389864: DIY 1 (47963)

Regarding Observation 5389864
The audio fromSatNOGS is for this observation a very narrow bandwidth and does not allow to decode the otherwise good CW signal.
The last observed orbits did not have this low audio bandwidth.

Why not using the CW transmitter when scheduling?

The FSK transmitter bandwidth is set wrong, it should be 10 khz.
It would be nice to correct it.

As far as I know the bandwidth it is depended on the baudrate, so this change maybe needs changes to the gnuradio script. Maybe we need to add bandwidth parameter into a new field in DB, among the others that are planned. cc @surligas

Thinking, the practical solution would be to virtually increase the baud rate to 5K Baud to increase the bandwidth and without touch the script.