Observation 5367050: LEDSAT (49069)

Regarding Observation 5367050
This appears a valid signal - long data bursts, reasonable signal strength - but only an occasional decode. It is the right mode?

Looking at the waterfall I have the impression that samples are being missed, all the horizontal lines.
Check the log information for OoOoOoOoOoOo lines, that is an indication.

Will try to find the log information to have a look. Could you advise filename and directory to look for?

I don’t know what platform you use, Pi (model) or a Linux (processor) install on Debian.
What SDR you are using and the sample rate.

These command will work on both:

sudo journalctl -f -u satnogs-client -n 512
and also the more generic Linux based log information in /var/log files like kern.log, syslog, daemon.log.

I am using a RPi4 with the SatNOGS-Client 1.6, Flowgraphs-1.4-1 and the SDR is a Noolec RTL-SDR Dongle SMArtee, reported as:
Generic RTL2832U OEM :: 00000001…Rafael Micro R820T tuner

Ok, thanks.
I ran the command and try to understand what is on-going.
It needs me to get deeper into the Linux and Client-SW structure.



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