Observation 5310818: KOSEN-1 (49402)

Regarding Observation 5310818

My first observation with SatNOGS. Turnstile with LNA and RTL-SDR from Noolec. Rafael Micro R820T tuner. Gain Setting 32 dB.
On my station transceiver (TS-2000) the CW beacon of KOSEN-1 is strong and decoding of CW is not a problem. In the waterfall it appears faint.Any suggested gain or bandwidth settings?

Checking on your other observations too, I think the station is pretty good! Not sure if you should change any parameters.

Thanks Fredy for your feed-back. I am still working a bit on the antenna and LNA settings. I have a coaxial switch matrix allowing me to connect the antennas either to the RTL-dongles or my ham radio transceiver and also to switch between the turnstile antennas and the vertical tri-band antenna, which for low elevation passes bring sometimes better results.
My idea is to be able to automatically switch between vertical tri-band antenna and the turnstile antennas depending on the max elevation of a scheduled pass, or even, to switch within a pass. This would required some SW to read the max elevation before the pass. I have made with this set-up around 700 two-way Cubesat contacts and being able to switch the antennas was very beneficial/effective. I am using off-the shelf VHF/UHF Diplex filters directly at the antennas to allow two-way communication, protect the LNAs and also take-off some load from the RTL-dongles. In addition, I am using two-band notch filters for the FM Radio and DAB Radio frequencies after the LNAs and before the RTL-Dongles, which allows to switch-off the AGC and work with a fixed gain in the order of 30-40 dB. I am living in a very noisy city environment and also have a 70cm ham radio repeater within direct vicinity.