Observation 5083807: DIY 1 (47963)

Regarding Observation 5083807

The DIY-1 gr-satellite decoder is working, congratulations @EA4GPZ . This station is getting it working, although the signal must be pretty clear, as by downloading the wav file I can rescue more packets.
Now, a query and for @DL4PD too, the stations using the UZ7HO decoder together with the @DK3WN forwarder telemetry are impacting the data in the DB and the dashboard, but the data is not reflected when it is decoded by the gr-satellite.
The data sent in hex by the set UZ7HO / DK3WN seems to be the same as the one decoded by the gr-satellite, or not?

Good that this works now. If you get more packets decoded by using the WAV in postprocessing than the decoder in real-time, maybe the filtering of the data that goes to the real-time decoder is not as good as that in the WAV. It would be useful to check that. Or perhaps the decoder is being run with slightly different parameters.

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