Observation 5021076: SOMP 2b (47445)

Regarding Observation 5021076 and Observation 5020936. The power trice on the left may be signal, especially the Obervation 5030936. I’m not sure whether our station has received signal. Could anyone help me analyse those waterfall?

Indeed on both observations the signal is ~25KHz off. Usually this happens on some old SDRs that do not handle thermal frequency drift. Check for example this article.

You can fix this by setting the ppm error you observe. Here is a guide with 3 ways to find out the ppm error. After finding it, you can set SATNOGS_PPM_ERROR in satogs-setup advanced setup.

Just for the record… which SDR device do you use?


Thanks for your reply. We use the RTL-SDR.com V3 dongle. Please find it attach. We bought it on the Taobao.

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This is a fake. You can tell from the ‘squarer’ box, and I can clearly see a HC49-style crystal on the board instead of a TCXO.

Buy a genuine TCXO RTLSDR from https://www.rtl-sdr.com/buy-rtl-sdr-dvb-t-dongles/


The price up to an Airspy Mini is not much. If you would like to run a SatNOGS station for 24/7 I recommend not to spare some dollars on the SDR…
But the genuine RTL-SDR v3 is also OK.

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