Observation 4946471: AISTECHSAT-3 (44103)

Regarding Observation 4946471 it shows that AistechSat-3 has two transmitters, Satnogs only has the option to schedule on the 9K6FSK transmitter.
According to gr-satellites documentation, Aistechsat-3, besides the 9K6FSK transmitter, has also a 4K8FSK one.
Would you please promote a request to include the 4K8FSK transmmiter of Aistechsat-3 on Satnogs network/db.
If this is not the appropriate mean for this request, please let me know the correct procedure,
Thanks & Regards

You can request a transmitter via db.satnogs.org.

But in this case there is not really a point, gr_satellites will decode both 9k6 and 4k8 when using the 9k6 satnogs transmitter definition, so there is enough bandwidth in the reception.

I’ve just added the transmitter at 4k8. A quick reminder that the frequency is not coordinated.

Well, there is, since it is important to have the information about transmitters and their possible modulations/details in a place that is accessible via an API, crowdsourced easily and licensed appropriately (and we only have db.satnogs.org meeting those criteria).

Agree, but currently there is no way to prioritize a transmitter and if there are multiple available this leads to observations that will not be successful because the chosen transmitter isn’t active on the satellite. So now by only activating one we work around this.