Observation 4883912: CuPID (99511)

Does anyone have knowledge regarding what these signals are? They are not at the rate we would expect CuPID to be transmitting, nor look like the proper bandwidth, but have kept showing up in our signal streams. Observation 4883912

We have been doing alot of testing with equipment we have here on the ground, and have discovered that the radio we are using although set to 400.5MHz, will transmit at more like 400.535MHz. This is of course still inside the frequency band of the waterfall plots but may be useful knowledge for this community.

Maybe it is Dido 3. See SatNOGS Network - Observation 4887878
Note that the frequency scale is narrower and therefore the signal appears a bit wider. I didn’t check if it was overhead during your observation.

It was added quite recently and we only have one observation.