Observation 4869688: ELFIN-A (43617)

Regarding Observation 4869688

One of the best signals of all the sats that I have checked out this past week.

ELFIN-A and B have been the best satellites by far for the number of packets received. I’m on the Oregon coast and frequently copy them during a telemetry dump to their ground station in the LA area. From the strength of the signal on your waterfall I’d think you would have received a lot more packets. Here’s my ELFIN-A capture from mid-day today (Saturday):



Thanks Ken,
The local FM radio stations are overloading the front end of the little RTLSDR. It looks like hell on the FFT waterfall. I finally found a filter last night and put it on order.
John D. Trolinger

I’m seriously interested in a comparison against Bobcat-1! What is your take on that?

No one has tasked my station for BOBCAT-1, so nothing to report.